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We’ll see family and old friends, and play rooms we know well and then a couple we haven’t seen, all with the band: Billy Conway on drums, Jeremy Moses Curtis on bass, Eric Heywood on pedal steel and electric guitar. The tours have been sweet in a way that tours rarely can be sweet, owing to what’s generally left out of them, and the inevitable sensation of missing the rest of life.

The show that we’ve made - Kris and I taking turns fronting the band, new and old songs - brings together elements of our lives that regard each other fondly but rarely share space, and most nights there’s a 9 year-old girl backstage watching Little House on the Prairie with the intense elan that only a kid without a television can bring to that enterprise. (12/1) a venerable club with a long pedigree - I always pay my respect to the spot on the wall signed ‘John Q. and the Pin Drop Concert series at Seven Steps Up (12/2).

The stars were out this morning and the axe threw sparks when I split wood for the stove.

Tomorrow we're on the road again, this time out west. WASHINGTON - This week we begin our tour of the west coast, splitting sets each night with Kris Delmhorst moving north to south, with shows in Washington state at Ballard Homestead in Seattle, WA.

Most of what passes for the music industry now is a farce, a put-on in which we all agree to curate an image of relentless cool while being slowly bled dry. We still drive to a town and set our gear up in a room full of strangers and try to tell the truth for an hour.

We do it for love, and we'll keep doing it, if we can. Thanks, - JF It’s been ten years since I shaved, or wore a tie.

We'll travel full band and split sets every night, playing songs from THE WILD and previewing my forthcoming record BLOOD BROTHERS, with Kris joining the band on my set, and vice versa.

We'll start in Maine at the Stone Mountain Arts Center (10/20), playing the Once Ballroom in Somerville, MA (10/21); Higher Ground in Burlington, VT (10/22); Gypsy Sally's in DC (10/25); Rockwood 2 in NYC (10/26); The Word Barn in Exeter, NH (10/27); and bringing it all back home to finish up at the Shea Theater in Turner's Falls, MA (10/28).

I haven’t had the chance to try it on a flight within Europe to find out whether it tastes different in a third and unanticipated way. But I do like science, or at least I like the idea that certain things can be measured under certain conditions and thereby known to some extent.

(11/2); the Icicle Creek Center for the Arts (11/3) in Leavenworth. (11/11); finishing up at Soho in Santa Barbara, CA. These are all great rooms and they ought to be sweet, memorable shows. MIDWEST - In December we return home to the Midwest, traveling from The Ark in Ann Arbor, MI.

If you haven't been to Leavenworth, this is the good one. to Spring Lake (12/1) to Colectivo in Milwaukee, WI (12/9), with stops in Illinois, Iowa, and Minnesota along the way. Send your friends and tell them that although our hospitality rider contains only four adjectives and four nouns - French wine, Mexican beer, hot coffee, and tap water - it is seldom filled precisely, and donations are always welcome, mainly in the beer department.

He had Elvis, Del Shannon, and Gene Vincent, and we had him.

If you're looking for solace, go find Bo Ramsey's album In the Weeds.

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