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Local landscapers and gardeners may know about the company’s landscape depot located at the front of the property – where soils and gravel for home gardening is sold – but a spectacular, 30-hectare Mars-like landscape exists just beyond the depot.

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On the day The Chief visited the site, the process was creating crushed rock for paving for Squamish company Alpine Paving, which handles residential, commercial and municipal paving projects in the Sea to Sky Corridor.

“We are hopeful that the District is mindful that, especially in our case, we can’t move the gravel quarry.

And it is a necessary thing – the aggregate side of our business and the concrete side of our business – is the basis for all the construction in the corridor.

Fergie’s operates on a closed-loop system, meaning that its prep food scraps are composted, and that soil is then used for growing herbs.

The little herb garden outside, Freese hopes, will help locals, especially children, understand where their food comes from.

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