Starview box updating

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Virgin has calculated that 6,660 customers paying a monthly subscription of £31 would have generated profits of £2.45m.

A Virgin Media spokesman said: "This fraud exploited consumers who were misled into spending hundreds of pounds on illegal boxes believing they would be able to access pay TV services without subscription.

Whether they’ve moved to Nagravision 2 or 3 is so far unclear, but most of the people on the afterdawn forum aren’t holding out much hope for a “fix” to compromise this latest encryption.The boxes gave customers access to Virgin channels without subscriptions and at least 6,600 people are thought to have been connected to the Starview server, although the number could be “considerably higher”, according to Virgin’s claims.The reported nerve centre for the gang was an upstairs bedroom in a house in Littleover, near Derby, where the fraudsters used legitimate subscriptions to receive Virgin TV.not like all other people i leave mine unsecured so they can use as they wish but id say your either locked up to the hilt or too greedy to use the net at fucking love it if i knew how to fuck up your site but id say some1 will the way things are going.

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