Synoptic gospels dating

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The accounts of their adventures cherished today were written many generations after these persons lived.During this long time, as the stories passed verbally from generation to generation they were embellished and new adventures added.Each aims at different readers and each has details which clearly show personal and/or other eyewitness accounts are incorporated!Yes, there is much similar material, but each gospel seems to access additional information.Yes, Jews were oppressed by the Roman occupation, but there was no excessive violence or mass executions.Accurate estimates for natural life expectancy of a first century person are not available, but we do know of the old age of some individuals.

Let’s look at what we know and notice how all clues point to the conclusion that Luke and Acts were indeed both written by “the beloved physician.”The dates of the synoptic gospels (Matthew, Mark and Luke) are critical because the longer the gap between an event and its record, the more distortion can occur.This gospel probably has the weakest claim to the name associated with the book.Many clues point to Matthew the apostle, but there are conflicting observations.The same is true of Luke: 350 verses in Mark appear with little change in Luke’s gospel.Therefore of the 1149 verses found in Luke, 350 are parallel accounts (about 30%) to Mark. This has led to the widely held notion that Mark was the first gospel written, and that both Luke and Matthew had at least a partial copy of Mark available to them, as they wrote their gospels.

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