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The one thing every parent wants is for their child to find love and companionship. Then came what I know must seem a quite astonishing suggestion.

On and on they came, the endless everyday put-downs. Another took him to a party simply so her friends could make fun of his colourful vernacular.His smile filled the hollows of my bones with bliss.Perhaps it’s just as well that I abandoned the kerb crawling.Is soliciting a prostitute a seriously abnormal thing to do? But mothering a child with autism tends to recalibrate one’s view of normal. As women skulked towards me out of the shadows, my heart thumped against my ribcage. I was more likely to be found at a book club than on a kerb crawl.And so we asked our male friends how to go about it – only to be met with blanket non-co-operation till one pal replied facetiously, ‘Great idea. Besides, even if I did pick up a prostitute, how would I negotiate the transaction? I waved my hand back and forth like a windshield wiper to shoo the women away. Then, miraculously, on the eve of his 21st birthday, my son met a beautiful young woman who appreciated his wit and warmth and individualism.

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