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"Look for schools that have clear policies," says Jaclyn Friedman, sexual assault educator and author of . 1 red flag is a school that says, 'We don't have a problem with sexual assault,'" Friedman says.

That's a very tough standard to meet without law enforcement and police investigation tools."Students should be able to report anonymously online and should be able to access different resources, like health care services you might need afterward, without having to name their assailant and without mandating referrals to the police.We need to honor the choices of survivors."Anonymous reporting allows survivors to get the help they need and enables schools to gather statistics on campus sexual assault without forcing victims, who may already feel a loss of control over their own bodies, to feel further disempowered. "Make sure it's easy to find out what the judicial process is," Friedman says."Schools should be using the 'preponderance of the evidence' standard and not the 'clear and convincing' standard," Brodsky says."The preponderance standard really means putting the survivor and the accused students on an equal playing field, which is not what the criminal justice system does for good reason."Under the preponderance of the evidence standard, a disciplinary panel in theory only needs more than 50 percent of the evidence to point to a party's responsibility in order to hold them accountable.

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