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Ptolemy I of Egypt built the Library at Alexandria to honor the muses of literature, science, and the arts: SUCH a Carrie.A few millennia on, another protean task of cultural archiving is taking place on Instagram with the self-explanatory account @everyoutfitonsatc—that's for the acronym-challenged.

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"It was a loan, not a gift, so she did have to learn to save a little, to not spend everything on shoes and clothes. I do believe she sat down every month and wrote Charlotte a check." Two more seasons of fun fashions and sweet shoes suggest otherwise, but OK.

For some reason — that many fans of the show still can't understand — that was a problem for Carrie.

The friend-in-need confronted Charlotte, acting as though she owed her the courtesy of making the offer — and owed her the cash itself.

Chelsea Fairless, a New York-based designer and founder of, along with Lauren Garroni, a writer, director and producer of the fashion short website in LA, began the digital encyclopedia a mere month ago and have already garnered 64k followers since. I couldn't help but wonder…who is on the inside of @ every outfit?

And would they even bother with Charlotte's John Smedley twinsets (yes).

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