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And then when things don’t go well, there’s all the put downs on Facebook,” says Hunter. “Technological abuse is power control through digital means,” says Uribe.Constant texting, like hundreds of times a day, to ask, “Where are you? “People usually think of texting and social media, but it can go further.Think about GPS locating apps.” Last year, Chavarria had a student—“a stunningly beautiful girl, intelligent and athletic”—who was shoved to the ground by her boyfriend during soccer practice.Chavarria was called to intervene, and she offered not just a listening ear but also a physical barrier between the exes during class changes.Skipped classes, missed homework, and lagging grades are warning signs to take to a school counselor.“You see people whose grades go down because there’s this whole, ‘Oh, no, you’re not going to do homework with me! “The partner thinks your free time is theirs.” Advocates also point out it’s not always a story of boy abuses girl. adolescents say they’ve experienced some kind of abuse—physical, sexual, emotional, or verbal—in their romantic relationships, and one out of 10 have been purposefully hit, slapped, or physically hurt by their boyfriend or girlfriend, according to data collected by Break the Cycle and its youth-oriented project, .

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And this month is the perfect time to get educated: February is Teen Dating Violence (DV) Awareness Month.

“The most frequent chat I get is somebody unsure about whether their relationship is unhealthy,” says Gindele.

If you have to ask the question…the answer is likely yes, but Gindele puts it this way: “Listen to your gut.” The problem is, she says, “Unfortunately, there isn’t a lot of education for young people on what a healthy relationship looks like.

“Educators should keep that more holistic view of violence in mind.” Digital abuse may be the most invisible to adults, but it is prevalent among the tech generation.

“There is a lot of pressuring for nude pics, or pressure to give up your passwords for all of your social media.

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