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in the TLD is Listing Views This is the number of times this specific listing has been viewed by unique visitors.

Google Pages Indexed The number of websites indexed by Google that match the keywords contained in this domain.

An automated bidding system will place bids for you up to your maximum.

The system will bid the MINIMUM amount needed for you to win the domain name.

The sexy young girls xxx is the road that every man must ride.

The teen porn galleries have enough room for everybody to find new vulgar videos that fills your monitor with the images of the passion and ardency.

Max Bids and Automated Bidding The Max Bid value is the maximum amount that you are willing to pay for each domain.

Reported Reported stats for the domain as reported by parking companies.

Alexa Rank Ranking of website popularity according to stats gathered from browsers using the Alexa toolbar. Moz Rank Representing the global link popularity on a 0 to 10 scale. Uniques Unique hits recorded for domains that use DNS.

Traffic The Traffic column shows the number of unique visitors, as reported by third party monetization services, for the last 30 days prior to the auction.

Characters Characters shows the number of characters of the domain. Google Backlinks The number of webpages indexed by Google that link to this domain.

This figure would help in determining the length of the domain name. A unique visitor is defined as One Unique IP per 24 hour period.

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