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Publishers will need to choose how to generate new releases, and whether to repeat information in each release, or just to provide changes.This choice should be based on an understanding the Fields that are not being used, or that have no value, can be excluded in their entirety (key and value) from a published file.This page displays advance notices of possible future tenders.Not all tenders are first shown on this page, nor does listing here imply that the tender will ever be issued.You will receive a notification via the Tender mobile phone app for any saved search profiles that you have Alerts set for.The Application allows you to search for tenders by Tender Status (open, closed, awarded), Tender Type (Request for Tender, Expression of Interest, Advanced Tender Notice), Category, Tender Code, Date or Free Text field. So the next time you go into the Tenders App and click on My Watch List, it will display the tenders you are currently monitoring.

Just press the retrieve password button, place your first name and surname in the relevant entry fields (remember the fields are case sensitive), enter your email address and send the request.

In this case, the fields should explicitly be set to null.

This page lists the most frequently asked questions by users of the website, as well as some tips.

All free-text title and description fields in the Open Contracting Data Standard can be given in one or more languages. Languages should be identified using language tags taken from BCP47.

Language variations are included by a copy of multi-lingual fields, suffixed with a language code. The specification allows BCP47 values in order to accommodate variations in dialect where this is important.

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