Tennessee divorce laws dating

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Myth 6: Divorce mediation is most appropriate when the divorce is amicable and parties are getting along and communicating well.

Reality - So long as the parties are operating in good faith, mediation can be a great alternative to traditional litigation in any divorce case, regardless of the level of conflict the parties are experiencing.

Myth 9: If an individual is about to file for divorce and moves an asset into an account in his or her name only, he or she can protect that asset from being divided in the divorce later.Myth 8: In Tennessee divorces, all of the property and debt automatically gets divided 50/50 between the parties.Reality - Tennessee's legal standard for property division is "fair and equitable" not "equal." The distinction allows the court to take into account various facts that might lead the court to skew the property one direction or the other.Reality - The legal standard for how property gets divided in a divorce is "fair and equitable." And the statute is explicit that courts are to divide the marital assets "without regard to fault," including adultery.As a practical matter, unless the parties mutually agree to something else, or there are other extenuating circumstances, "fair and equitable" translates into a roughly equal division of the property and debt.

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