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The book of Zephaniah was written before 629 BC when Josiah found and eagerly read the holy scriptures discovered in the temple.

He later celebrated a great Passover feast and cleansed both the temple and the priests.

The written judgments might look as if they were inevitable, but we see this as a faulty evaluation.

Josiah was one who responded to God, and God mercifully responded by putting off the severe judgment.

God does not take sin lightly; He has stated His legal case to judge Judah for her unfaithfulness. In beckoning words, He interrupts His accusations and pleads for reform and brings bright hope.

This is a beautiful picture on how God through Christ intervened on the behalf of sinners' judgment 600 hears later.

Sin ran rampant in ancient Judah and the nations around it.However, both sides agree the fury of God's wrath is caused by sin.In the first part of his three-chapter book, Zephaniah issued charges and threats.Zephaniah called the people out on their disobedience in an eerie foreshadowing of society today. Political and religious leaders fell into corruption. The faithless bowed down to idols and foreign gods.Zephaniah warned his readers they were on the brink of punishment.

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