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Its so rare to come across a beautiful soul, truly someone who knows you inside out who is always caring always there for you no matter what I love my bestie and always will. I just celebrated my birthday and had so much fun even though it was during a time that things were really tough you all managed to make it amazingly special. So, before i get into the March Madness promo let me fill you in on some of the most awesome things that have taken place.

We should be so lucky if we find ONE person like her in our lifetime. I went to the Adele concert, the drake concert, the jays game where I caught a ball yes i caught the ball what a moment, and will be heading to the patriots game soon. As you know awards season has just passed and although I was unable to attend the AVN awards this year I was nominated and WON BIGGEST WEB CELEBRITY AWARD !!

I will be online daily from 3pm-12est…I may come on earlier I may be online later however, that will be my regular schedule so that you guys can find me. To me the election is a joke both these candidates are unfit to be president in my opinion. On a scale of 1 – 10, 10 being the highest, how nice do you think other people see you as? Lets get back to bra bursting, boobie bouncing, dancing and having a blast on cam. COM and join me LIVE on cam EVERY SINGLE DAY from 1pm-12am Est. I really want to go crazy this March and give so so much back to all of you so make sure you join me live HERE.

I want you to be able to spend time with your award winning webstarlet !! I know one way or another this is going to end up affecting us but I really just want to stay out of it I think its embarassing for America. You guys have always been so supportive and helped me win awards and come so far. Its not easy to say to a parent that you are a nude model on the internet but we are all good.

I also have been doing many interviews and such you should all check my latest interview HERE with @thesonnyvega and his sports podcast called the walnut sports show !!

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This win was so important to me as you all know Ifriends has been my EXCLUSIVE home from the beginning and it means so much to be the first ever Miss Ifriends you know what they say you always remember your first. ty guys As some of you may know its been a very tough few months, I almost lost my mother…My health is not great right now but I want to feel normal again with you on CAM !I am happy to announce though that I will be back to my regular schedule of camming which is tues-sat 2pm-12am and of course if you guys want to purchase private sessions you can do so here at my STORE . I was nominated for AVN again Most spectacular boobs it was such a pleasure to be nominated . I am soooo happy As some of you may or may not know I am a huge sportsbetting girl and i was in the largest sportsbetting contest in the world this NFL seas and finished 242 of almost 2000 people thats not bad not bad at all heheh . SO much has transpired since we last spoke so make sure you use my FREE LINK and join me LIVE to catch up. I have missed you all so so much I cannot wait to be back LIVE on cam with you guys !!

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