Tymoshenko s defense kireyev publicily intimidating the defense

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Russia sent forces into Ukraine's Crimea and annexed that territory in March.Moscow has denied Ukrainian and Western allegations that Russia has also sent operatives into Ukraine's mostly Russia-speaking east to prepare for a possible military intervention."Yulia Volodymyrivna [Tymoshenko], who is being held illegally, has developed intensifying external and internal symptoms indicative of a worsening state of health." fellow defense lawyer Mykola Siryi said in court. The matter of access to her physician must be settled immediately." Oleksandr Turchynov, deputy chairman of Tymoshenko's opposition Fatherland party, published on his Twitter account: "Tymoshenko's life is in danger.Bruises from broken blood vessels have appeared all over her body."In the nearest hours, we will recommend the appointment of the commanders of those territorial brigades of defense, who will be mobilizing people," she said.She also said it was necessary to start a broad dialogue with the "elites" of the eastern region -- even if, she said, they are being "paid" by the Russian military and security agencies to stir up separatist sentiment and seize territory.

Tymoshenko is charged over a 2009 deal she signed with Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin that raised the price Ukraine paid for its gas.

"We've had a lot of discussions with them," he said.

"Obviously, the result so far is that we haven't been able to visit Mrs. And we are still concerned about what is going on there and hopefully they will accede to our wishes." Mann also told RFE/RL the situation is not conducive to the ongoing free-trade negotiations between Ukraine and the EU, talks that are expected to be concluded this year. "It doesn't help matters and we are very concerned.

In a court hearing, the judge can only call for an ambulance in the event of someone becoming ill." The prosecutor asked the court to send "Health Ministry specialists" to examine Tymoshenko.

The court also rejected a repeated defense motion that Tymoshenko be released on bond.

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