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That matters in medical situations, but doesn’t affect you here.Based on this idea, he observed 11 people in his family and noted their blood types.We've worked directly with the type dating team from the outset, first consulting with their Founder, before collaborating on the overall creative approach.We've continued to nurture and develop the concept, helping type dating to grow into the business it is today.

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People also like associating these character traits when determining compatibility rates with other people.type approached us with the objective of delivering a creative output that would put one over the played out trend of swiping for love.We undertook extensive market research, both online and in the field, to discover what prospective users were really looking for in a partner, and in a dating app.For example, blood type a is linked with agricultural people, so their ideal diet is mainly vegetables and rice.They also tend to be dramatic, arrogant, insensitive, and ruthless, but are known to have the best personalities out of the four blood types.

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