Updating airport extreme firmware

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After setting events and storage you think it should all work, but one more step.

You have to setup the recording schedule to “Motion Detection” if you want it based on that, or Normal if you want 24/7 recording regardless of motion.

As a twist, I tested both their 2.8mm for nice wide shots as well as their 12mm lens.

Also as before, I set the max exposure time to 1/30th which is a good compromise between low light performance and movement.

This is a day shot, color balance is quite good and it’s a clear and sharp image.

There are choices for Alarm, but this model does not come equipped with alarm inputs. I mounted the camera with the 2.8mm wide angle lens in the usual spot, under the eave of my garage.

As before, you can click on the image to see the full size, 3 megapixel image straight from the camera.

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