Updating ati catalyst

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Unfortunately, that speed can be flakey, especially if it's 8X.

There are various programs described below which allow you to select the AGP multiplier.

Driver Matic has been integrated into both PC Matic and Driver Alert 2.0.

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If you're interested in compatibility between AGP motherboards and video cards then check this page.

AGP has acquired a reputation for being a bit flakey.

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Technically, there are many more AGP adjustment tricks, but those are the main ones which are most likely to solve problems and most of the rest require diddling obscure options in your BIOS.

It was followed by AGP 2.0 in 1998 which added fast writes and a 4X speed using a reduced signaling voltage.

In 2002, AGP 3.0 added an 8X speed and another reduced signaling voltage.

Just take the AGP multiplier down to the next lower speed and then test for a while to see if your problem is solved. Most of the programs also allow you to disable AGP mode altogether by offering a "PCI" option (sometimes called "off") when selecting multipliers. The point of this exercise is to see if slowing down your AGP port can improve stability. Only use multipliers which are at or below your default multiplier.

If it turns out that using a lower multiplier solves your problem, then you have to accept that it will cost you some performance to use that solution.

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