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The only restriction is that the DTS-HD MA can't be decoded and must be sent as a bit-stream to a compatible decoder over an HDMI cable.Nevertheless, this is a relatively rare format for Blu-ray discs, and always comes with a more compatible traditional Dolby Digital soundtrack.We still can't understand why Samsung doesn't have a single optical audio out: a coaxial capable is hardly an expensive luxury and would be compatible with a broad spread of users.If we could forgive this problem on the BD-P1500, it's inexcusable on the BD-P2500.Apart from that, the regular settings like brightness and contrast are best handled by your television or video projector.Introdução e Nossos Testes Aparelhos de alta definição começam a aparecer lentamente no mercado brasileiro.

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A ideia por trás deste recurso é evitar que o usuário comum configure o aparelho em uma resolução que a tela não suporte, o que poderia resultar no travamento do aparelho, já que ele enviaria um sinal não suportado pela TV e você não teria como voltar para a última configuração, já que você não pode mais ver o menu na tela.Just like the remote on the BD-P1500, and even the good old BD-P1400, this remote control is solid and reliable.It would have been even better if the glowing buttons on this model were replaced with full-on backlit buttons.After the entry-level BD-P1500--which was nevertheless a pretty powerful player that would suit most users--Samsung has returned with this BD-P2500 with even more audio and video functions.The 2500 looks the same as its older brother, with a sober, refined case that adopts the same style as earlier generations of Samsung equipment.

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