Updating gem version

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The framework is designed to be easily extended to novel requirements, and a number of useful (and demonstrative) adapters are included to demonstrate the pattern.Adaptation is reasonably inexpensive, and since the models are cached by type, performance is not significantly affected.Unfortunately, I was recently notified by Sannin that numerous weapons have had their Speed/Min/Max/DPS values changed in the latest patch.

I'm not exactly sure why there's a small discrepancy in the Pawn values, since I don't manage the Pawn mod itself.I have updated my Powerleveling Guide for Rogues (both the Adobe .PDF format and the Kindle format) to be current for Mists of Pandaria. PDF guide, you can go back to the Download Link provided in your "Order Info" e-mail to download the updated guide for free.This configuration adds a table prefix to all store-level entities in the model: To demonstrate the adaptation approach used in this project, the following adapters are included out-of-the-box.A connection adapter is used to modify the connection used at runtime by the Entity Framework.

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