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The individual packages are stored in the package store in subdirectories named for the Package GUID and Version GUID.

Example of a path to a specific application: To change the default location of the package store during setup, see Enable the App-V desktop client.

However, if a package is “global” at publishing time, the integrations are available to all users.

If a package is non-global, the integrations are published only for specific users, but there are still global resources that are modified and visible to anyone on the client computer (e.g., the package directory is in a shared disk location).

These locations, called Copy on Write (COW), support both roaming and non-roaming locations.At the same time, a copy of the manifest is also stored in the User Catalog.When a package entitlement is removed for a user, the relevant package files are removed from the User Catalog.Entitlement and policy are tied to a user, not a computer, so they should roam with the user once they are provisioned.This backup enables the restoration of these integration points to the previous versions when the package is unpublished.

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