Validating iframes

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CPD hours obtained in excess of the minimum requirement may be carried over to the next cycle if the credits were attained in the months of January, February and March preceding to the next cycle. A.-credentialed member who is not currently in an employment position requiring their credential may request, with validating documentation on file, to have their status changed to "not practicing". CPD hours that members record on the IMA website portal are subject to audit.

Example, January, February, March of 2016 qualify for cycle 2 that begins on April 1An A. They will have no CPD requirements during this period. It is therefore the responsibility of each member to retain supporting documentation for all recorded hours.

Since you are using Modal Dialog I think it is not possible to get a reference to the window that opened the dialog.

if you are opening a regular window using tnen you could actually get the reference of the parent window using window.opener and then call a javascript function in the parent window to refresh the window or use window.opener.Hmm, maybe that's my problem - trying to do something that isn't possible.

Because this privacy policy only applies to this website, you should examine the privacy policy of any website, including other state agency websites, that you access via links from this website.

For purposes of this policy, "personal information" means any information concerning a natural person which, because of name, number, symbol, mark, or other identifier, can be used to identify that natural person.

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Failure to complete the required hours of professional development within the 2-year period may result in the loss of A. But the whole point of using a Modal Popup window was to prevent the user from accessing or doing things while the window was open.I wish I could find something set in stone that explains if it isn't possible, why.I can't imagine I'm the first person who wanted to use a Modal Popup to update information from a control on the parent could however be able to find some javascript that always keeps your window on top of all other windows but might by annoying because it will be on top even of the user changes focus to a different application Work with freelancers specializing in everything from database administration to programming, who have proven themselves as experts in their field.

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