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This package is also available in Java 1.3 and later when you install JAXP 1.3 separately.Among other products, an implementation of this library is included with Xerces 2.8. If you validate in multiple threads simultaneously, make sure each one has its own However, normally this isn't what you want.Obviously, this will vary from one schema to the next.The world would be a poorer place if everyone spoke just one language.SAX sources can be augmented into SAX results, and DOM sources into DOM results; but SAX sources can't be augmented to DOM results or vice versa.If you need to do that, first augment into the matching result -- SAX for SAX and DOM for DOM -- and then use Tr AX's identity transform to change the model. Putting all the information the document requires in the instance is far more reliable than splitting it between the instance and the schema. The W3C XML Schema Language is heavily based on the notion of .

(This description is painted with broad strokes -- there are exceptions.)Until recently, the exact Application Programming Interface (API) by which programs requested validation varied with the schema language and parser.Elements and attributes are declared to be of type int, double, date, duration, person, Phone Number, or anything else you can imagine.The Java Validation API includes a means to report such types, although it's surprisingly independent of the rest of the package. This simple interface, summarized in Listing 5, tells you the local name and namespace URI of a type.Typically, the URL is the namespace Uniform Resource Identifier (URI) for the schema language. However, you can install additional libraries that add support for these and other schema languages.The Java programming language isn't limited to a single schema factory.

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