Validating more loop optimizations

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WPO does come at a cost of increased build times but provides the maximum performance for the application.

As a part of this scenario all the user needs to do is re-compile their application with Visual Studio 2013 to benefit from all the smarts mentioned below. Memory (Working set, caching and spatial/temporal locality of accesses) *really* matters when it comes application performance.

The wrinkle is that Intel Core CPUs are doing similar optimizations.

For Visual Studio 2013 we have continued to improve the analysis performed by the Visual C compiler so it can produce code that runs faster than before.

In this blog we highlight some of the many improvements that Visual Studio 2013 has in store for you.

If so then we be able to simplify the implementation by outsourcing the work to the CPU.

Or it could be that our JIT does the job better or that there is other value e.g.

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