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It integrates with the compatibility reporting features of the official Word plugin directory, and lets you mark plugins as “working” or “broken” from within your Word Press dashboard.

It also tracks how long each plugin has been active on your site and automatically reports plugins that have been active for a while (1 week by default) as compatible – unless, of course, you’ve already marked them as broken.

Back to top PHP is a complex language that has suffered years of twists, bends, stretches, and hacks. Each version has its own unique features, warts, and quirks, and it’s hard to keep track of what version has what problems.

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Of those users who send compatibility reports, many do it only when a plugin doesn’t work.

Even if you deliberately try to avoid this and always report compatible plugins as working, it can get tiresome quickly since new plugin versions are released all the time.

You might already have some kind of customer authentication mechanism in place that just needs a bit of tweaking to be used for updates, or you might need to build your own from scratch. Then, when they install the plugin, there’s a link to enter the license key.This plugin simplifies the process down to clicking a “Works” or “Broken” link on your “Plugins” page.You only have to enter your Word account details once: when setting up the plugin.Right now, most plugins only have a handful of votes – not enough to reliably determine if they’re compatible with this or that Word Press version.Even plugins that have been downloaded millions of times usually have only a couple dozen of compatibility reports for the current version, at best.

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