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Help your child to appreciate other qualities in people like intelligence or kindness rather than focusing on beauty.Remember the post Kids Are Always Watching– well they are, so make sure you model appropriate behavior for your kids by recognizing other children and parents for qualities beyond beauty.Kids are wearing clothes with “juicy” written on their bottoms, Abercrombie & Fitch came out with a “push-up bikini for young girls, and the Halloween costume options for Tween girls are insane!Besides clothing, kids- especially girls- are playing with increasingly sexualized dolls and toys (Bratz dolls are just one example).It's such a cool spot, and you can have a great time just by standing by the bowl and watching the skaters do their thing.

TRH-Bar is my go-to place to impress a friend from out of town.This isn’t a topic that just parents and media personalities are talking about and taking seriously.The American Psychological Association has created a task force to address the issues related to the Sexualization of Girls.Sadly the list is not very impressive, but it is a start.9520 Boulevard Leduc Would you believe that the above scene is actually smack dab in the middle of a restaurant?

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