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The app name is rather confusing – especially given that DNA matching dating services now exist.

And maybe it’s just my sordid mind, but ‘Dating DNA’ just brings to memory unsavoury photos from Tinder of men ‘sharing’ their DNA in inventive ways …

And yet most coverage of the world of dating apps (rather sadly! After searching long and hard to see if there was a definitive list of all the dating apps available to us in 2015, I realised there wasn’t one … Here on 30 Dates, over the next few days, I’ll be covering every remotely-dated app I’ve ever heard of … Yes, this list will probably be out of date within minutes …

Basically the same functionality, but using Linked In contacts instead of Facebook friends.

Are Your Interested Available on both desktop and as an app, ‘AYI’ focusses on mutual Facebook friends and shared interests. Anamo According to the apps store, there’s a dating app called ‘Anamo’.

I’ve never heard of it, and when I googled it, Google kept trying to give me suggestions for ‘anime’. B is for Bristlr It was only a matter of time until Dating Apps became truly hipster. So huge in fact, that they created an app almost identical to Tinder, years before Tinder.

I have to admit I’ve never tried it, but I’m guessing there’s no short cut around the standard 258 question site log-in.

(For those who haven’t seen it yet, the still above is from their new TV advert) Elimi Polish dating app which lets women set Truth or Dare-like challenges for potential matches.

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