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But Jennifer Roberts, one of the current listing agents, told the Waco Tribune that they've never actually lived there and 'view it as an investment property'.

Instead, the couple immediately turned the home into a bed and breakfast, charging 5 a night, according to Airbnb.

The bedroom and kitchen were switched so that visitors wouldn't have to walk through the couple's private space to eat.

Roberts, of Briggs Freeman Sotheby's International Realty in Dallas, said that the home has been used as a successful bed and breakfast adds value to the property.Last year, it was revealed that at least six of the Gaines' former projects were being rented out on Airbnb or other sites. Jim Dewar, North Gosford The carbon dioxide breathed out is a by-product of the process of cell respiration, as is water. Glucose plus oxygen produces carbon dioxide, water and energy. John Blackhawk, Umina Beach The food and drink we eat can be broken into carbon compounds, one of the most simple being glucose (C6H12O6).The renovation is one of the most memorable the Gaines have taken on in their four seasons of the show, for just how dramatic of a difference they made on the property.When they first showed the 1920s home to the couple, it was boarded up and abandoned, with refuse piled up in the corners and weeds forcing their way in through the windows.

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