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Last week STI dating site Positive Singles was fined .5m (£10.4m) after losing a privacy case.

The lawsuit alleged a number of users were misled about their privacy rights on the site, which advertised itself as a confidential service connecting single adults with sexually transmitted infections.

Make sure that you avoid kissing so that you don’t spread the viral agents to your partner.

The furthest you should go when one has hepatitis is hugging and if you have to do sex them use protection.

Since those days, the site has hired two other business team members, and uses family and friends to support design and testing.The more viral strains you have, the more infective you are.Make sure that you see the doctor, get counseled and get treated so that you keep your viral load down.If you know that you have the disease, it is your duty to ensure that you use protection every time you have sex with your partner.Some of these viral diseases like Hepatitis and herpes can be spread through saliva.

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