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Malkovich was born into a large family of Yugoslavian-descended journalists in the small mining town of Benton, Illinois.

His mother edited the local newspaper (a job occupied today by his older brother, Danny) and his father a magazine specialising in conservation.

He portrays his childhood as tough and unusually character-forming. His father imposed excessive discipline and his mother none at all.

As a boy, Malkovich was seriously overweight, but claims that he lost 70 lb by living exclusively on lemon jelly, and turned into a sports star.

Or it could be the things he says - like when Malkovich announced his availability to shoot George Galloway, the Labour MP for Glasgow Kelvin.

George, as he does, threatened to sue, but the fear showed in his beady eyes.

In 1982, Steppenwolf's production of Sam Shepard's True West, starring Malkovich and Sinise, opened off-Broadway to huge acclaim, and Malkovich awoke to find himself being hailed as "the new Brando".

After being hit on the head by a tin can, one character asks. " which Malkovich says is now his favourite line in movies. It is partly the face, which has been likened to the "first stage of John Hurt's make-up for The Elephant Man," and partly the ambulation, which to Bernardo Bertolucci suggested a cross between a Yugoslavian left back and a ballerina. "Movies," he says, "are not that important."What's important is living well.

The film should have earned him the right to play the occasional comic part. For the past decade Malkovich has lived in a rural pile in the south of France, with his long-time French-Italian partner, Nicoletta Peyran, and their two children, Amandine and Loewy.

The label stuck around for years, and became, he felt, a burden to him although he is happier with it now.

"Of all the things I've been called," he says, "that's one of the easiest to live with."Stage work remained the focus of his career, until 1988 when the British director Stephen Frears cast him as Vicomte de Valmont, the hyper-sexed aristocrat anti-hero of Dangerous Liaisons, based on the play by Christopher Hampton about 18th-century French aristocrats playing baroque games of passion and betrayal.

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