Who is sheridan smith dating 2016

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“When I was sent the script I was gripped, and by the end I was crying,” says Smith.“I was just incredibly moved by what Charmian went through as a woman. She went on the run with him and sacrificed everything for Ronnie and her sons [they had three] because she didn’t want them to grow up without their father.I woke up in the morning to loads of texts saying, 'You won!

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In the early days, I’d never even be seen for certain roles because I wasn’t the right class to play them and it didn’t bother me.

The first came in 2011 for her starring role as Elle Woods in the musical, Legally Blonde.

“My mum used to come down with coach loads of mates from Doncaster,” she says.

I can only imagine what my mum – and what Charmian – must have felt.

I was a wreck for a few days when we were filming those scenes.” Smith wonders if her brother’s death has been the driving force behind her career success.

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