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Had a 1998 paper published in Britain's "Journal of Physics A: Mathematics & General" with UCLA professor Lincoln Chayes and student Brandy Winn that provided a mathematical proof for a theorem dealing with magnetism in two dimensions.

Expendables macho rating: (Rupert Hawksley) ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER Age: 67 Number of marriages: One (Arnie's obviously got his housekeeping in order) First film appearance: Hercules in New York (1969) Best known for playing: the Terminator Biggest flop: End of Days (1999) – Only the millenium bug itself was more underwhelming than this cusp-of-the-millenium supernatural thriller. Biggest flop: Masters of the Universe (1987) – Lundgren plays He-Man in a film that was marketed as ‘the Star Wars of the 80s’... Academy Awards: None Interesting fact: Lundgren is quite the intellectual, with three degrees – one in chemistry and the other two in chemical engineering. a black panther – elusively intelligent, but equally stealthy.Biggest flop: Probably the aforementioned Barrio Tales. Interesting fact: He “really loves the smell of stale urine on Time Square”, New York City. a pigeon – pecking for scraps left by the high rollers.Expendables macho rating: (AV) - 20 best gangster films of all time - The 49 best British films of all time - The top 20 space movies The Big Short, the film adaptation of Michael Lewis' book of the same name about the causes of the financial crisis, opens in UK cinemas this weekend.Amazingly, Barrio Tales was released as recently as 2012.Best known for playing: It’s either Trader #1 from The Dark Knight Rises, Good Looking Frat Guy from Stuck in Love, or, most likely, his forthcoming role: Thorn, in Expendables 3.

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