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Click Connect and it hangs at "Validating Authentication" for quite some time, and then gives up.with "Not Connected" I'm new to this so if I sound a little off, just set me straight! my powerbook G4 with an original Airport card is divided between OS X which connects via WPA(1 not 2) just fine and Ubuntu(Jaunty) which only connects minus WPA.

I had absolutely no success trying to use network manager applet so uninstalled it and went with Wicd instead which at least sees my SSID network with a strong signal. update:checked "use d Bm to measure signal strength" under Preferences and -1 turned to -58d Bm and the signal meter is now full... Hi guys I've spent the last few days trying to get my wireless working on my laptop, which I have just installed Gentoo on.wicd seems to be a very nice wireless networking interface. Here I checkbox "Use Encryption", and select "WPA 1/2 (Passphrase)", enter my passphrase and click OK. p=208257#208257Summary: The ibook, when it was Mac OS X, did connect to my WPA2 network. With debian-40r7-Power PC-xfce I'm not having any luck. Wicd Manager does display my ESSID but as "-1% WEP." I click the arrow drop down expansion and click the "Advanced" button.

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