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As in the code listing above, we are passing Id of location to the constructor to inform which object we are going to edit.Apart from renaming both Java and HTML files we have to introduce some major changes to this Java class.(Although I would suggest looking at using something like Camel that has all the necessary stuff for monitoring files and file streams and then routing messages through to your application and/or other processors - see [1] below).For the web UI part, there are basically two methods: push, poll 1 - push - using something like cometd, etc to do AJAX push events (really, these are long-pollers, leaving long-running HTTP requests going and processing a stream of events that are received over the life of the connection) 2 - poll - if you have some component that shows the last X lines of a log file, just call component.add(new Ajax Self Updating Timer(some Duration)).But here is how I'd try it (it is quick and I don't like the markup, but we'll optimize it later: Create a panel that looks like so (we'll call it Logging Panel): Add a self updating timer behavior so the panel check the Tailer for output, if there is data, then update the log Data label with it, make the next Log component be another Logging Panel with a Self Updating TImer Behavior, and stop the timerbehavior on the current panel.

Dear wicket community, In a project that I'm working on, I need to build a "live log viewer" or "dynamic log viewer" or "refreshable log viewer".

The way how validator is created (7) depends on whether we edit existing location and our unique name check should not create an error if the same location with the same name is found (8) or we just create new location and any existing location with the same name should prevent application from creating a new one.

In this method we use helper method (9) extracting Location from page model. that’s everything we have to do to add edit feature.

We now can edit and add new locations as shown on the screen shot below.

To start adding this feature we place another link in the Locations Page HTML file (next to Edit one) and add link to Java class: We are almost done.

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