Wuauclt not updating

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configuring the system before it gets all the updates.

But with 2012/2012R2 this has caused me more wasted time because of all the bugs that aren’t fixed yet with the windows updates.

Try to install WSUS on a not patched Windows 2012 server and find out you have to reinstall because of missing rights on the temp folder. If i let the system update itself during the maintenance window, it takes 4 days before the system is up to date, leaving bad guys 4 days to get exploit vulnerabilities!

– MS wants us to have all systems up to date, don’t they? And i can help thinking this can all be avoided by a proper quality control, so MS: Get your act in order!! There is probably one of the initial updates that solves this..

I think is a serious issue with quality control at Microsoft.

I think this is still an issue with the updates after the release date of Windows 2012.

The hosts are Dell Power Edges, the hypervisor is Hyper-v Datacenter 2012 R2 so nothing weird here.

The next step – configure Windows clients to use a deployed WSUS server.

In this article we will consider how to configure clients of the WSUS server using Active Directory GPO (Group Policies).

Read about that story here, here, here and another example here (you can see what feeds i read.. I would have thought MS had enough time to fix this as my faith in updates declines more and more. – I understand updating Windows systems can be complex and i expect a lot of people with more brains than me have though about this.

– I’ve looked at a few of those updates and a few of them are rollup packs. But please give me a way to update a newly installed system without taking 4 hours of my time by pressing update/reboot.

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