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One of her stunts was to hold a full size civil war era cannon (with weels) suspended from her teeth while a cnarge of powder was fired.

Her partner, anotehr strongwoman, Theophila Szterker was about six years younger than Olga - she was know as Kaira la Blanche. This powerful woman worked in the circus world since 1875.

However, the opposite attitude was toward strongwomen. Laverie Vallee nee Cooper (18751949), best known by her stage name Charmion, was an American vaudeville trapeze artist and strongwoman.

Some of the most famous strongwomens names have remained over the course of the time. Charmion built her act around a memorable routine which opened with her on-stage entrance dressed in full Victorian street attire.

Louise Brisbois (Loise Armaindo), eminent athlete and strongwoman in the late of the XIX century; the world-champion female cyclist of her time. A short time before the end of the XIX century she became the first woman in the world running 20 miles uninterruptedly (with an average speed of 9.5 miles per hour).

She was painted by Edgar Degas in 1879 (Miss Lala au Cirque Fernando).

A poster was done on her "Follies Bergere" performance in 1880 by Jules Cheret and another poster was done in 1890 by Parisian lithographer Appel depicting Miss Lala performing with Troupe Kaira.

In 1911 Louise withdrew from all the practices of athletics and worked as a waiter at a restaurant in Minneapolis. Josephine Blatt, nee Schauer ("Minerva"), America strongwoman and weightlifting record holder (1869-1823).

Having a height of 173 cm she weighed 75 kilograms and her biceps were measured 45 turn centimeters (in an interview with his husband after her death, he declared that she was as heavy as he was that time - 204 kilograms).

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